Data Sourcing

Audient consumer data originates from a variety of online and offline sources. Audience discovery is the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. From public records to transactional and third party opt in data Audient ensures that all consumer data is 100% compliant with all federal and state privacy laws. We also take data accuracy very seriously. Our audience data continuously passes through various hygiene platforms to maintain the highest level of accuracy and efficacy. This includes NCOA (National Change of Address), Cass Certification, ECOA (Email Change of Address), DNC (Do Not Call), and various other qualifiers to ensure all records contain the proper opt in criteria: Source of data, Time/Date Stamp, IP address, Mobile ID (if available), Full Name and Postal Address of every record, Current Email Address (where available).

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

The backbone of every Audient record is the PII footprint of each consumer. These fields include Full Name, Postal Address, Email Address(es), Phone Numbers and Mobile Device IDs. All PII fields are constantly scrubbed and are 100% compliant with all state and federal data privacy laws.

Demographics & Lifestyles

The “Who” and the “What” of our audience data. Comprehensive segmentation which includes detailed household information such as ethnicity, income ranges, education, political affiliations and much more. Lifestyle segments include hobbies, health and fitness, travel preferences, shopping interests and much more.

Life Events / Triggers

Life Happens… This fluidity requires relevant and customized communications with your customers. The first step in establishing this dialogue is to find out who they are right now. Life Event Audiences identify customers that have recently experienced a life event such as a New Mover or Pre-Mover, Engagement / Marriage / Divorce or, Expectant Parents or New Parents.

Automotive / Financial

Year / Make / Model, VINs, along with Lease/Owner, Intent to Purchase data allows Audient to offer core data-centric augmentation to leading OEMs at both the National and Regional levels. When combined with our other audience filtrations such as Income/Credit Score ranges, the ability to curate the most responsive and profitable audiences become extremely viable.

Ailments / Health

Our HIPPA compliant and securely sourced consumer ailment file is traditionally one of our most sought after audiences. Working with strategic partners and end users such as retailers and pharmaceutical firms, Audient is strategic provider and licensor of both RX and OTC consumer self-reported ailment data. For a full menu of our current ailment segments click here.

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