Audient is proud to work with a variety of clients in the Automotive space. We provide automotive market data, as well as automotive data marketing services to Tier One and Tier Two OEMs, Automotive groups and Agency Partners. Automotive database marketing is a powerful tool that can completely change the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Luxury Retail & Travel

From high end apparel companies to lifestyle brands, our data-centric approach is well received in many retail sectors. The Luxury Travel industry is also in our sweet spot, specifically, the Destination Travel and Experiential Travel sectors. Knowing who your customers are at all times is critical in these high margin verticals.


Investment services, Insurance products, Consumer Loans (Debt Consolidation, Student Loans, etc.). Customized and relevant messaging are keys to marketing effectively in the financial markets. Knowing who your customers are is not an option and neither is one size fits all marketing. We have found that our Audience Connect services have been extremely helpful in strategic upsells to creative optimal Lifetime Values for these firms. Financial market data services allow institutions to optimize their target audience and allow for the highest possible ROI from marketing campaigns. With our financial marketing solutions, you’ll be able to change the way your business interacts with clients, potential and current, each step of the sales and retention process. Audient Company can help optimize your financial market database, and ensure that you’re using only the most up-to-date and accurate financial market data out there.

Higher Education

Our Audience Enhance solution has been useful for not only student enrollment campaigns but also Alumni data enhancements. For most colleges and universities, Alumni database fundraising is the primary way to fund the scale and growth of these universities. Audient can help update and provide ongoing guidance to ensure that your marketing efforts and budgets are not wasted.

Partners / Agencies

Strategic partners and agencies have always been a welcome part of our game plan. We welcome the synergy of leveraging the perfect relationship with the perfect solution to create a win/win/win (Customer/Agency/Audient) situation for all. Let us learn more today about some of the potential client relationships we can likely provide you with value added services. White label services can also be discussed.


Audient works with a variety of traditional media companies to help them understand their subscriber bases as they change.

Direct Mail-driven Companies (Catalogers/Non-Profits, etc.)

Due to the expensive nature of printing, mailing and postage costs, understanding customers and becoming efficient in these industries is now more important than ever.


Various Media and Content-driven companies, movie studios, etc.   Many of them face the ongoing challenges of acquiring millions of viewers and subscribers they know nothing about.   Audient can help deliver valuable insights to understand both the individual and household level metrics in the most profitable and efficient manner.

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