Audience Enhance

A great way to improve the performance of your customer file within days! Append your customer database with the very latest postal and email addresses, Mobile Device IDs, and hundreds of Demographic, Lifestyle and Event Trigger data points. Improve your online and offline contact rates and gain valuable insights on who your customers are right now.

Audience Connect

Using our audience affinity technology, our data strategy team will focus on profiling your customer database. Your customer data will be categorized by Multibuyers, Average Order Amounts, Lifetime Values and more. We will also profile weak performing and dormant customer segments. The goal is to create unique profiles with propensities of Geography, Demographics and Lifestyles or Events within each audience grouping. Our team will then guide you on actionable strategies to expand the profitable audiences and reactivate or eliminate costly marketing efforts to non-performing audiences.

Audience Build

Do you want more customers that fit the profiles of your very best customers? Of course you do! Focusing on new audiences that align with your best customers’ profiles is the smarter way to spend your paid media budgets. With Audience Build our clients leverage our proprietary consumer data with curated look-a-like audience segments. Each segment is custom built based on the Top Customer Profiles developed using our Audience Connect solutions. Once these curated look-a-like audiences are built they can be utilized for campaign flights as needed. Longer term data licensing options are available as well.

Audience Activate

Our expert media and campaign teams are always available to provide the very best strategies for the activation of messaging and live offers to both customer and new audience data segments. We offer blended omni-channel solutions that will provide the perfect leverage to grow and scale your customer database. We focus on your required KPIs and objectives and provide customized recommendations for every brand; not a one size fits all approach.

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